Since early childhood, we are learning things around by looking and observing using our eyes, touching things, and identifying things if it is soft or hard using our hands, smelling fragrant or foul smell using our nose, listening to the melodious sound or noise using our ears, and the perception to taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter or astringent taste using our tongue. Learning using all of the five (5) senses to explore things for the foundation to develop intellectual skills like basic math, scientific skills, basic language skills, and so on.

Learning with all five senses

  1. The sense of sight (eyes) helps us look around and observe things.
  2. The sense of hearing (ears) helps us hear and listen to the sounds.
  3. The sense of touch (hands) allows us to feel when an object is hot, cold, soft, and hard.
  4. The sense of taste (tongue) allows us to enjoy every different taste of foods
  5. The sense of smell (nose) helps us smell many odors.