ESL Program (English as Second Language) With one foreign teacher and one Thai teacher.

Open to all children from 2 to 6 years old.

Teaching Plan

Learning helps the children grow and cultivate their brain. This can help them know and develop the values of life. We are using the integrated approach for teaching which includes the Montesory and neo-humanist.

Field trip. Kindergarten 1-3/2-3

Other Special School Activities. Parents can choose different activities from school for their children. These activities can help children develop their bodies, emotions, social intelligence. Activities that the school offers are SWIMMING, GYMNASTICS, TAEKWONDO, THAI BOXING, FOOTBALL, YOGA (Radiant Child Yoga Program), LITTLE TREE, Rhythmic activities, and computer lessons.


The first stage: The stimulation of the brain and body of the children.With this, children will become attentive in learning and they can build confidence. Some of the activities are meditation and yoga to promote peaceful life.

The second stage: Training children one by one. Get ready for the training for the future.

The Third Stage: Exercise and get the tidiness of the children, teach them about nature, lunch/leisure.

During the fourth stage: Review the activities that the school provides.

Special Courses (During break): The school offers various activities to improve the children's learning in different aspect.